October 26, 2016


While most touring musicians find themselves on their own adventures once they hit the road, Ross Nicol not only expected it, but made the plans to make the most out of it. Taking a camera crew with him along the way, the artist documented the amazing experiences he had from a homemade camper he called his home throughout the summer.

Already very authentic in his sound, Nicol bears a sort of poetic truth to his music. Describing it as anywhere between The Beatles to Radiohead to Vampire Weekend, Nicol may at first listen be categorized as your average singer-songwriter, but brings an extra level of emotion to the table. Often soft, and driven by delicate piano and acoustic instrumentation, Ross Nicol creates a soothing soundtrack to get lost in. Coupled with the extensive photographic portfolio, the artist gives you the chance to understand his vision and take you with him on some of these adventures.

This delicate and truth telling sound is centre stage on Nicol’s track “New Streets.” Singer, Caroline Saunders lends her unique voice to the track, and blends her sound beautifully with Nicol’s. The song’s lyricism is reflective with the singers longing for adventure, and gives meaning to the undiscovered paths still left to explore. It does not, however, neglect the importance of returning home to loved ones.

In the music video we watch as Nicol’s artistic eye is exposed. The singer leaves his home and walks out into the street. “New streets to learn on bare feet/Before the morning train arrives to bring you back to me,” sing Saunders and Nicol. As the music progresses and livens up with a heavy crash symbol, our leading male is seen running down the street into night.

Watch the video for “New Streets”

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