October 31, 2016


Introverted Intuition, which was released on October 18th, is the debut album from Chicago singer, songwriter, and producer, Lance Skiiiwalker. The album has 13 tracks, and it features some of Skiiiwalker’s fellow Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) artists, such as ScHoolboy Q (who also released an album with TDE this summer.)

The definition of “Introverted Intuition” is: “… People with introverted intuition often have gut feelings that are uncannily accurate. They are excellent at spotting trends or patterns to form a prediction of what may be.” (1)

With that in mind, we embark on the journey that is Introverted Intuition by Lance Skiiiwalker.

The album is organized as a late night radio show titled “Skiiiwalker Radio” which is MC-ed by an auto tuned, low talking DJ. The compilation of songs on the album provides a wide range of energies for the listener to enjoy. A lot of high intensity drum beats are found on tracks like Forbidden Fruit, ((Ni)) Radio, Speed, and Sound. In the mean time, other tracks on the album are much more dreamy, and smooth such as, Could It Be, Stockholm, and Attraction.

The album makes the listener feel as if they are sitting in the mind of a man. Where, we have front row seats to follow a bunch of stories with a relatively similar pattern in their plot; a pursuit for some loving. The pursuits are not always fruitful, like in the song “Could It Be.” The video itself follows Skiiiwalker as a woman rejects him, and the lyrics are pretty fitting to the scene:

“Um, so when you available?Never? Oh, ok, alright, ok bye”

Stockholm is definitely the most extreme of Skiiiwalker’s attempts at love. The song is about a relationship between him and a woman who he’s obsessed with. The title likely makes reference to “Stockholm Syndrome” which is the feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage taking by a victim toward a captor. (2)

“Yo baby let me tell you somethin’

You’re locked up in my private dungeon

Well girl you’re screamin’ am I the baby

Well I just wanna clench your soul”

The video for “Lover’s Lane” also chronicles Skiiiwalker unable to court multiple women.

Introverted Intuition is an album that you could leave on at a party. The songs are energetic and eclectic in sound, and the topics are relatable in many ways. The repeated story of romance and falling in love, most times leading to rejection for Skiiiwalker is where the idea of the introverted intuition might lie.

“Enjoy life, have fun, stay introvert”

Lance Skiiiwalker’s album is the fourth album released by TDE this year after Kendrick Lamar – Untitled Unmastered, ScHoolboy Q – Blank Face LP, and Isaiah Rashad – The Sun’s Tirade. (3)

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