October 31, 2016


Chicago’s own Tobi Lou has just released the music video to his existing “Game Ova”. The single itself is very soft-sounding, with smooth keys, hard bass, relatable lyrics and a touch of reverb. Not to mention the whole track’s sample is the original “game over” sound from Nintendo. We’re happy to see a video for this track that’s been out of 10 months now, it’s directed by Glassface and takes place inside an old-school arcade.

Interestingly, it is the same arcade where Kid Cudi filmed “Day N Nite”. How cool! The video is filled with tons of bright colours and retro arcade games, placing the viewer right in the 80’s. Not only is the song extremely addictive, but the video is well-directed and engaging. Tobi also teases a new track at the end so be sure to watch to the end.

Check out the new single for yourself; we have it for you right here! It can also be found on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify.

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