November 1, 2016


GOODWOOD ATOMS fuse together the ethereal sounds of atmospheric music without neglecting the very thing that drives a rock tune: a catchy melody. Masked with complex beats and sounds that we may be more used to hearing in movie scores and bands like, Explosions in the Sky, GOODWOOD ATOMS does not forget about their listeners that are compelled towards a more verse/chorus format. Citing influences such as the eccentric Youth Lagoon, and alt rock favourite, Radiohead, the band’s sound is perfect for autumn days, or if ever you’re in the mood for something a little more spacey.

On “Into The Bay,” you can hear the grey moodiness of Radiohead circa “Ok Computer” without Thom Yorke’s completely dismal outlook on human routine. While the vocals do not punch holes in your faith in society like Yorke does on the aforementioned album, GOODWOOD ATOMS provoke some other kind of existential dilemma. Outlining the common struggle that exists in definitions, the need to box ourselves into one category or the other (good VS evil), the band also illuminates our desire to fight against these constraints. Unable to exist without some sort of boundaries, yet constantly wanting to be free of them, we find ourselves in a kind of conflict. While the group doesn’t give us an answer for defeating this common struggle, they provide us with the soundtrack for contemplation.

You can check out “Into The Bay” and contemplate for yourself here:

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