November 1, 2016


On his EP, I Know Everything That You’ve Done, Pat Kiloran takes the opportunity to explore some of pop music’s favourite exploits: dysfunctional relationships, excessive lifestyles and above everything else, hopelessness. It’s a short, sweet trip into the mind of a somewhat tortured protagonist. The album is highlighted by funky guitar riffs, catchy hooks and short interludes with everyday sounds.

While the concept of his EP may provide you with the picture of a rough and tumble rockstar, Kiloran’s past doesn’t exactly scream outlaw. Hailing from a suburban town in Minneapolis, the singer grew up much like every other kid in a middle-class family. He took piano lessons, quit piano lessons, and eventually channeled his energy into songwriting. As he continued to form the style we can hear on I Know Everything That You’ve Done, the musician has lived everywhere from Toronto to Nashville, where he currently resides. He’s proud to have released a sound that he feels is a better representation of himself.

In that sense, the album is very much about himself and his hopelessness. It reflects on Pat’s messy lifestyle, one that he isn’t afraid to share. The real pop hit on the EP is “Saint Sierra,” the second track on the album, if you count the brief intro conversation between a family leaving for the day. While the connection between the two tracks is a bit curious- “Saint Sierra” is about a deceptive relationship- the track is an important part of the EP. Showing off his ability to write a catchy chorus and The 1975-esk guitar riff, Kiloran has given us a single we will want to turn up louder.

The rest of the short album is fairly more reserved and deals with apathy, addiction and loneliness. “Softer Skin” is another highlight, even in its hopeless desperation to “feel good again.” The instrumentation is reflective of 1980’s slow-pop sensibilities, with a smooth saxophone stealing the spotlight on the latter half of the song.

Another soft tune, “Gin on My Lips,” is the final full-length song of the album. Here Kiloran bears all of his problems on the table, and recognizes the mess they have gotten him in. While it makes for a sad pity story, the realization of it all begs the question: is there a light at the end of the dark tunnel? While it may not be the most “rockstar” move, it seems that our protagonist would like to think that there is hope after all.

Listen to I Know Everything That You’ve Done on the streaming service of your choice.

Or watch the video for “Saint Sierra” here:

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