November 2, 2016


After releasing his debut EP, “My Own Anxieties,” Matt Hylom successfully carried out his familiar heart-warming sounds through his recent production of a music video for the third track, “I Won’t Forget.”

In its entirety, the album reflects some of the most significant aspects in his personal life. “I Won’t Forget” as a song, hits home as a soft, beat-snapping track with a harmonized mix of vocals and acoustics that make for an Ed Sheehan-type track, appealing to the pop-genre. The video itself transcends the meaning behind struggling on your own, but not forgetting the journey that got you to where you are today.

Like most artists, Hylom pulls from his personal experiences and deeper emotions that overall, carries out his success.

Watch the video for “I Won’t Forget” and download “My Own Anxieties.”

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