November 3, 2016


Moving on after the betrayal of a lover is the theme in “Find What You’re Looking For”, the third single by Olivia O’Brien. The 16-year-old powerhouse singer who grew up in Napa Valley, California, is an incredibly talented songwriter. She prides herself on creating music for female empowerment, and her sweet new single accomplishes that goal while also being radio-ready.

“I’m sick and tired of loving you more

I just can’t give you what you’re looking for”

During 2014, O’Brien covered several hit songs, which she posted to her Soundcloud page. She was ultimately discovered by the American DJ gnash when she covered his song “Disposable”. (1) Upon hearing O’Brien’s work, the pair met up and eventually released the song “I hate u, I love u” together on February 17th, 2016. The song ended up being the first single from gnash’s third EP titled, “Us”. (2) Olivia O’Brien had reportedly written the song at the young age of fifteen. (3) She later went on to tour part of California with gnash during 2015. (4)

“Trust Issues” was the title of Olivia O’Brien’s first single as a solo artist. The song was released on August 12th, 2016 through Island Records. (5) “Trust Issues” has received almost 200,000 listens to date on Soundcloud and it was generally well received by the public as being an anthem for young women.

“Find What You’re Looking For” dropped on October 21st, 2016. (6) Olivia’s voice is smooth, rich, and full of emotion as she belts out lyrics written with her own pen. Along with its obvious pop influences, the electronic production of the track adds layers of depth. The subject matter of the song is mature, especially coming from a 16-year-old, which only adds to excitement for what is to come from Olivia O’Brien in the future.

Olivia O’Brien began singing and writing her own original songs at the age of seven. She also taught herself to play both the guitar and the piano. (7)

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