November 3, 2016


Matthew Russell-Jones, known as MRJ, has released a new track “Water.” The London based performer calls himself a pop singer/ songwriter. Coming from a musical theatre background, MRJ started his career performing on London’s West End. Now he is exploring his own solo career outside of musicals. Since he is just beginning, his following is still small, with only 11 subscribers on SoundCloud.

Though the song has the vibe of a Top 40s single, it is not the catchiest melody. MRJ’s voice is reminiscent of Adam Lambert and Chad Kroeger, an unexpected mix. His raspy sound combined with his musical theatre influence adds a unique addition to his pop persona. The opening of the song uses layers of synth to draw in the listener. MRJ is influenced by the Drum N Bass (DNB) sound as heard from another version of “Water” below. A fine debut, hopefully MRJ will have more to distinguish himself and his music in the future.

Pop Version:

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DNB Version:

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