November 4, 2016


In a time where R&B and rap music are some of the most emotional genres in the mainstream, Jon Waltz is an artist that fits right in. His small, but impressive discography reflects on big wigs like Frank Ocean, and Drake circa Take Care. Waltz’s sound, much like the two aforementioned artists is often slow paced and soulful. This emotive style that plays heavily on smooth bass lines and organ-like synthesizers is complemented by an honest, truth-telling narrative.

The rapper, a young up-and-comer from Memphis, is unafraid to share his struggles with us. It may be a style that has been capitalized on ever since Kanye West released the genre-changing 808s & Heartbreak, but he does more than simply regurgitate this sentimentality. There’s a truth-telling aspect to Waltz’s music. “Justified,” the second single to be released off of his latest EP reflects on his personal demons.

He explains how he lost the things that were important to him, and had to summon the strength to build everything back up around him. As a sort of inspiring message to his listeners, he wanted to share the track with anyone who had gone through their own hardship, in hopes that they can battle their own demons. Waltz has made a splash with tracks like “Anna” and “ Riot,” other emotionally significant songs.

Be sure to check out this promising artist on the streaming service of your choice. You can listen to “Justified” here:

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