November 9, 2016


As another excuse for Future and previous collaborator, Drake to show off their love for fancy toys and pretty women (as if they needed one), the rapper releases new single “Used to This.”

In typical Future stylings, the track is full of auto-tune, and describes how he got used to the flashy lifestyle he currently leads. It’s all fast cars, pretty women, and big pyro from here on out. About three-quarters into the song, Drake joins Future in on the money talk that simply serves to catapult his bravado even further. While Drake promises to take care of his family, those who were there with him from the beginning, Future raps about everything from partying with Madonna to dealing drugs.

It goes without saying that this kind of money throwing isn’t uncommon to the genre, but what is truly disappointing is the song’s inability to do anything interesting. The music video accompanying the track is much of the same. Future and Drake hang out with the Mexican woman’s soccer team, but spend most of their time dancing in the middle of the field or promoting their own brands. So if you missed Drake’s “Hotline Bling” dance moves, or just wanted to see some scantily clad dressed soccer players, it might be worth watching.

Watch the video for “Used to This” here:

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