November 9, 2016


Though his sound is changing, The Weeknd shows different levels of emotion through what seems like experimenting, with ways to portray personal experience. Though the single “False Alarm” and its accompanying new video, it’s safe to say that it’s quite different than what you may be used to hearing from The Weeknd. It exemplifies a thrilling first person narrative of a bank robbery chase, creatively contrasted against his own love story.

From a one-player video game perspective, the song and the visuals give off a strong vibe similar to a faster Hall and Oates “Maneater” of keeping up with the girl he falls for. In his shoes, you get to follow the action and on some level, you feel what he feels. In essence, she stole his heart, and he would rather risk the money than not have her. As a tragic ending, she only turns out to be a “false alarm” because as it turns out, all she wanted was the money. Upon taking the money for herself, she saves the first-person bank robber, later revealed as the Weeknd himself. She takes the bag and leaves the van and the camera pans to the Weeknd revealing himself in a mirror next to him, almost like a surrender and a reflection of his loss.

The main inspiration for the video stems from an intense build-up of emotion done in with a much faster beat than a typical Weeknd track, giving the audience a more cinematic experience, and a cliff-hanger-ending. The video and the track together, made for a perfect film sequence, achieving a whole new dimension of artistry as it was not just a music video.

If you look up the movie Hardcore Henry, part of his core inspiration is seemingly taken from this film as well.The Weeknd nevertheless, continues to surprise with his artistic visions, as he turned the concept of first person action, into a love affair.

Following last year’s breakthrough album Beauty Behind the Madness, The latest project by the Weeknd, Starboy will be released on November 25th.

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