November 10, 2016


Devon Baldwin released “Heights Like These” on October 21st. This is the second instalment in her project to post a song on the 21st of each month, indefinitely. The California singer has previously collaborated with G-Eazy on quite a few different songs. Her album “Lungs” was released in 2015. “Heights Like These” starts off with eerie harmonies reminiscent of Imogen Heaps’ “Hide and Seek.” When the drop comes in it brings a synth percussion sound and light, quick drums that give the song a bouncey feel. Originally recorded acapella, Baldwin says the song had 6 or 7 different versions before she landed on this one. This makes sense considering the reliance on her strong vocals in this song. A catchy track, “Heights Like These” is a good start to an ambitious and interesting project with great potential.

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