November 10, 2016


Mark Johns released her first EP, Molino, last Friday. Yes, you read that right, Mark Johns is a female – or as her twitter bio states “I’m not a dude”. Signed to Skrillex’s imprint, OWSLA, her EP is filled with downtempo-synth-r&b influenced pop tracks. It consists of 6 songs that deal with mostly heartbreak and sadness. The first and last tracks, “Molino” and “Wait Till Tmrw” are probably the standout tracks, with the first being added to several popular Spotify playlists already.

Johns voice is raspy and she stays comfortable in her range on these songs. “Molino”, a track that’s been blowing up on Spotify, about being alone and trying to find your place. “Chapstick”, the EP’s second track begins with a choral type arraignment, while she sings about a boy comparing him to

“…Chapstick or a lighter, there when you need it only hard to find”.

“Before You”, a interestingly composed song with a range of synth sounds and effects incorporated in with her vocals. “Love Letter” plays next as an r&b influenced track about learning to love with the standout line:

“Because fucking is easier than breaking up”

“I said baby let me off of this roller-coaster, he said no no no no, just hold on”

“Bacardi”, another stand out track, again using the Bacardi as a metaphor for a situation involving a boy. Lastly, “Wait Till Tmrw”, is a ballad that seems slightly out of place on this EP, but is a really great song. It feels like a song that would have been on the Papertown’s soundtrack, or something else written by John Green and turned into a movie. Mark Johns is brutally honest about her feelings on these songs, leaving nothing out. We saw her live when gnash came to Toronto and enjoyed that performance, and we’re looking forward to see which of these tracks come with music videos.

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