November 11, 2016


Every generation of pop musicians needs someone to poke fun at them. Bart Baker plays this role for the Millennials, having made parodies of everyone from Taylor Swift to Macklemore. He’s back at it with a ruthless and comedic attack on everyone’s favourite 6ix man, Drake.

The lyric video for “Drake” shows Baker singing along, while wearing some OVO gear. As he dances around like the rapper, he sings a lot about the number 6, his exes, and of course, how he wishes he was like Drake. The production not only sounds like a Drake song, but Baker’s voice is eerily similar to the rapper’s. After adding some autotune to the vocals, Barker seems to have nailed mimicry on this track.

The chorus provides no mercy for the hip hop artist. Baker sings,

“Auto tuning, eyebrow grooming, dancing stupid/Like Drake/I wish I was like Drake,”

and shows us some of his best Drake dance moves as well. While the song may not go over so well with the die-hard Drizzy fans, in light of pop culture everywhere, Barker provides comedic relief to some of the more silly things that we know about the famous Toronto rapper.

Watch the lyric video for “Drake” here:

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