November 11, 2016


The San Diego based reggae band, HIRIE promises to share their passion for positivity and spirituality with the world. Fronted by singer Hirie, who has taken on the band’s name as her own, the group’s sound boasts bright and complex instrumentation, along with a light-hearted tonality. The message in the music is as uplifting as the tunes themselves. Their single “Renegade” is a prime example of HIRIE’s sun-soaked vibe.

Front woman Hirie has brought her eclectic background to the band. Having lived in the Philippines, Italy and Hawaii, she was influenced by a variety of cultures from early on. It was her time in Hawaii where the musician fell in love with reggae music and would adopt this positive mindset. The band name itself comes from the popular Hawaiian term “Irie” meaning good warmth, affection and approval. Adding an “H” to the word for Hawaii, the band and the singer’s stage name was born.

Now a strong musician with a band that plays everything from pop music to heavy dub and groovy jams, the fusion of styles have allowed for Hirie to define her sound. On the track “Renegade,” featuring Nahko, you can hear the mix-mash of genre. While it is heavily dominated by a reggae beat, and a pop melody, the brass instrumentation and funky percussion demonstrates that HIRIE is more than just a pop band.

“Renegade” speaks to benefits of breaking out of regular routine. By doing so, you can be free of the things that stress you out, or get you down. The song romanticizes spiritual love, escapism and simply promotes positive energy. In the music video, singer Hirie dances her way to freedom in an open field, once she has run away from her strict and controlling work life.

You too can run away with HIRIE.

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