November 11, 2016


Sam Ray, otherwise known as Ricky Eat Acid, describes his new song titled, “hey” as “like an absolutely emotionless sort of euphoria” in an interview he did for The Fader (1), who premiered the opening song off of his new album, “Talk to You Soon”. The album came out on October 28th under Terrible Records and it is Sam Ray’s fifth studio album released under the project “Ricky Eat Acid”.

A supernatural feeling is evoked in Ricky Eat Acid’s electronic music. Whether it is due to Ray’s trickling piano playing or the dizzying synth, a sensation of spinning has always been prevalent in his work. Owen Pallett contributed to the string composition on the track and it all seems to come together in a cohesive way, not yet perfected by Ray it seems, until now.

Sam Ray has previously described the influence for his music under the project “Ricky Eat Acid”: “Manic energy gives way to droning, near-euphoric noise, everything undercut by that paranoid, summer-y feeling that something familiar isn’t as familiar as it looks at first glance.” (2)

Check out Ricky Eat Acid’s newest single, “hey” below

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