November 4, 2016


A bit of an enigma in the pop world, SIVIK hides behind bouncy pop tracks like his latest release “All Day All Night.” Whether the artist prides himself on his mystique, or he simply wants to avoid the spotlight, his actual identity is somewhat unknown. As a writer for artists such as Adam Lambert and Hot Chelle Rae, last year the LA-based singer also turned some heads with his own release, “High.” The song is infectious and fuses just enough synth into it for it to cross over into the electro-pop world.

Now gearing up to release “Solstice,” the artists teases the new EP with the first single, “All Day All Night.” The song provides a good preview on what is to come: SIVIK explains that “Solstice” is inspired by the astronomical event. On the first single, the singer illuminates a feeling we may all know too well: the insecurities of a relationship. A lot of relationships are hindered by commitment issues, fear or rejection, and other problems that prevent two people from truly being together. It’s often the sad truth for people who actually like each other. SIVIK uses the idea of blending day and night together as a metaphor for this power struggle. In attempt to illuminate musically what a hybrid of day and night would sound like, the singer reflects on his romantic life.

Listen to “All Day All Night” here:

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And be sure to stay tuned for “Solstice.”

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