November 11, 2016

SUM 41- “WAR”

Sum 41 is back and better than ever! They released the single “War” back in August and it was such a huge comeback track that fans are still stoked about it.

Everyone is talking about “War”, which was released on the band’s comeback album “13 Voiced”. The single sounds a little bit more mainstream than older Sum 41 tunes, but once you hear the raw vocal echoes in the bridge you will be reminded immediately of classic Sum 41. The song is very meaningful to front man Deryck Whibley, who wrote it during his recovery from alcoholism. The song tells a story about never giving up and fighting to be a better person. Whibley stated “whenever I had any thoughts of giving up, I would read these lyrics to remind myself that I need to keep fighting harder and what exactly I was fighting for.”

There has been so much hype around “13 Voiced” and “War”, given that it was the first album and song released since the return of guitarist Dave Baksh, and neither have disappointed. Sum 41 is currently finishing up their tour with Senses Fail and it has received some amazing reviews from long-time fans, as well as new listeners. Check out the powerful song “War” and get pumped about this epic comeback.

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