November 15, 2016


Australian singer Betty Who released her long awaited new single last Friday called “Human Touch.” Gone is the 80s influenced sound for a more mainstream pop sound – though it does not disappoint. What does carry over is Who’s airy vocals, of course. The song is her first original release since her debut album, “Take Me When You Go” which was released in 2014, and it is absolutely catchy.

“Good love is so hard to find,”

the opening lyric which reigns true in today’s modern era of “dating” apps.

“Don’t have to call it love / We just need a human touch”

It’s all about the connection, but seemingly more about a sexual connection – not a bad thing either. Betty Who is embracing her sexuality with this song, including the super hot cover art. A new album is due out early next year until then she provides a song you’ll definitely want to play before going out – sure to spawn club remixes as it so deserves.

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