November 16, 2016


“Body 2 Body” is the fourth song release and first music video from Dragonette’s fourth full-length studio album, “Royal Blues” which came out on November 11th. The electronic group from Toronto, Canada was formed in 2005 by front woman Martina Sorbara, and by producer Dan Kurtz who also plays bass in the band. Furthermore, Joel Stouffer can be found on the drums making the trio a whole.While “Body 2 Body” is airy and upbeat, an obvious struggle runs rampant throughout it. Martina Sorbara’s recognizable vocals are energetic and affecting, and “Body 2 Body” is incredibly relatable. The chaotic clashing and combat that leads up to, and ultimately follows the separation of a couple adds a special intimate realism to the song, pulling on your heartstrings.

“Find ourselves pulling back togetherThis love has got us fooled againThinking that this time we’ll make it betterAnd we’re losing our senses under pressure”

The video premiered on October 19th and was directed by Alison Honey Woods and choreography by Alex Crenian and Miles Faber. (1)

In an interview with Nylon, Martina Sorbara said: “(Body 2 Body) is one of many on this album that is a true representation of what Dan (Kurtz) and I were going through. Historically, I’ve never been that prolific in the fiction department, and this album is no exception.” (2) “Royal Blues” is the first project released by the band after they took a four-year hiatus. In working through personal issues, such as a break-up between band members; Martina Sorbara and Dan Kurtz, they were able to use this experience to produce another honest, attention-grabbing album. In three words, Martina Sorbara describes “Royal Blues” as “heartache, love, and explosion.” (3)

Since the release of their first single “I Get Around,” Dragonette has accomplished a great deal. Throughout their duration, they have been nominated for four Juno awards, and moreover they won the Juno Award alongside Martin Solveig for Dance Recording of the Year in 2012 for the song “Hello”. (4)

The band is now on tour until mid December throughout North America to promote the album. (5)

Check out the rest of the album “Royal Blues” by Dragonette, available now.

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