November 17, 2016


At only 20 years old, Harris Cole is part of a new landscape of innovative music. This past June he joined Fête Records, a Washington label known for it’s focus on “forward thinking beats.” The Chicago based producer released his new album “Pause” on November 11th. Before that, his latest project was a Sample Pack of his songs, which came out in July. He has been working on “Pause” since September 2015. Before he released it, he said on his Facebook page “this is the first project I can say I’m proud of.” On his bandcamp page, he labels his music a mix of different genres. These include: hip-hop, abstract, experimental, instrumental and jazz.

The song, “That Miserable Man Milligan” which features Mr. Carmack can definitely be described as abstract and experimental. A mix of many different ambient noises from what could be scratching pens, to bubbling water, to even eating an apple, creates a feeling of confusion for the listener. What these sounds actually are, it’s hard to say, those are merely guesses. There are moments of speech at the beginning and in the middle, relating to the music itself, bringing the person listening into the sound booth with him. The consistent beat, and repeated melody that lulls one into a relaxed state, combined with the sporadic noises make for something unlike what we have come to understand as music. Cole is a progressive Producer making music that is unique and individual.

Listen Here:

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