November 17, 2016


Chicago natives The Orwells bring us a politically charged visual to go along with their new single “They Put the Body in the Bayou.” A menacing red and blue tinted backdrop is the setting for this disturbing electoral campaign themed video. We have the band posing as secret service agents for a very familiar character with his slicked back white hair, overdramatic facial expressions reminiscent of a certain recent presidential elect.

In an onslaught of guitars and drums we have a very cool bass line carrying most of the verses into the chorus where lead singer Mario Cuomo belts out:

“I came by to see / I just had to know / Who put the body in the bayou / Who left the tracks on the road?”

It’s a sinister, creepy environment that is created environmentally and musically, especially when we see a woman heading into his room to fulfill his desires and end up killing him. What’s even more interesting is the exchange of money between her and the band members.

Lead singer Mario Cuomo slicks back his hair and puts himself into that same position of power. However, no one seems to notice and they continue to eat up the garbage he spews at them going so far as to foam at the mouth as if overdosing. At the end of the video they mirror the original campaign leader with Cuomo to reiterate the fact that the audience is unable to tell the difference between the two white men and their political issues.

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