November 18, 2016


On November 15th, “The Nursery” premiered the video on Indie 88 for its newest single “Everybody’s Famous” which came out earlier this fall. The song is rumoured to be a part of the four-man band from Toronto, Canada’s upcoming album, “Life After Wartime” scheduled to be released early 2017.

Alex Pulec, the band’s creator and songwriter, explains “Everybody’s Famous” as being about “the manic and warped motivations of seeking validation through inauthentic means. Social tools are continually serving as a painkiller to pacify this twisted need to elevate our social statues to unrealistic heights…Fame is usually the by-product of being remarkable at something – It should never be the goal… mass validation is not something to be romanticized, celebrated or healthy to strive for.” (1) “They kiss like a machine, tired eyes staring at stars through the screen” Some of the most talented celebrities of the past, such as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, make “guest appearances” in the video. The video might well be interpreted as The Nursery’s attempt to make us reflect on how our values towards art and success have shifted in modern times. Musically, the song is held together by a punchy drumbeat and it is super synth heavy and dramatic. Alex Pulec, Victor Ess, Jared Roth, and Josh English form “The Nursery”. According to the band’s Facebook page, Pulec and Ess came together to create the beginnings of the band in 2013 after they both dropped out of music school. The “freak pop” band toured throughout Canada and Northeastern United States in 2016 to promote their first EP, “Digital Ashes”. This year, they have also received awards for Best Indie Band and Best Music Video for the song, “Digital Ashes”, at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. (2)

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