November 18, 2016


PLAYDATE released their debut single “My Mistake” this week. The band formed last summer in Duluth, Minnesota. Their music is a mix of electronic, dance and funk. Priding themselves on being veterans of the Duluth music scene, the members of PLAYDATE are very proud of their hometown. It is clear from their social media presence that they are a newly formed band; they have very few followers on SoundCloud and Instagram.

“My Mistake” is a fun and upbeat song. It has a great hook, and uses lead singer Nathan Michael Holte’s voice to its benefit, especially his falsetto. The drums and bass line add to the dancey-funk feel of the song. Their electronic persona is not the main focus in this song, although it definitely has a synth-pop vibe to it. The song has a catchy melody, good musicianship and is well produced. With a first single like “My Mistake” it is only a matter of time before PLAYDATE catches on.

Listen Here:

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