November 21, 2016


In a sea full of bright new and undiscovered talent at Canada’s Indie Week, Burlington rock veterans, Finger Eleven proved they can still put on one hell of a show.

On Thursday night, Finger Eleven headlined Jack Daniel’s Music House, or what is better known to Toronto locals as The Mod Club. The night began with three openers, Trampa, Laugh at the Fakes and an exhilarating performance by local metal heads SUMO CYCO. With an audience that was warmed up and ready to rock, Finger Eleven launched into a loud and energetic performance.

The set had a mix between the old and the new. As someone who has been listening to rock radio for the past ten years, I recognized most of the songs, and sang along. Tracks such as “Living in a Dream,” and “Falling On” brought me back to my hard rock roots that I cherished as a teenager. Earlier that afternoon, I had attended a panel interview with the two guitarists, Rick Jackett and James Black, who discussed the band’s rise to success and their writing processes. From the Bond Hotel conference room to the stage at the Mod, I saw the musicians in action, and appreciated their lifelong commitment to their music.

About three-quarters through the somewhat heavy rock set, after the musicians had thrashed around the stage and inspired an audience into slam-dancing, they pulled an unexpected 180 and brought out their acoustic guitars. Finger Eleven has previously spent some time on the road playing acoustic gigs, and wanted to bring that part of their set to their Indie Week show. They played a handful of songs in this stripped down setting, one of which was a Smashing Pumpkin’s cover of “Today.”

They finished the acoustic portion of the concert with one of the most well known Finger Eleven songs, “One Thing.” Building upon the light rock tune, they eventually kicked away their stools, and brought back the electric guitars. With a bold conclusion to the acoustic set, they transitioned into the one we were all waiting for, “Paralyzer.”

Whether it’s one of your favourite popular rock tunes, or it’s a wild nostalgia trip, everyone loves “Paralyzer” in some way or another. Thus being the perfect finale for the Finger Eleven’s set. The crowd sang every word, and the band kept spirits high on stage. At the bridge of the track, the group broke out into Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall.” “Hey, teacher! Leave us kids alone!” we all screamed with singer Scott Anderson. The band switched back into playing “Paralyzer” and gave us one last sing along before leaving us with ringing eardrums.

Missed Finger Eleven at Indie Week? They’ll be in Barrie at the Mavrick’s Music Hall on December 9th.

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