November 21, 2016


After three long anticipated years, John Mayer has finally returned with a sure to be smash hit, “Love on the Weekend.”

The singer/songwriter premiered the single live on his Facebook page on Thursday, November 17th.

Similar to Mayer’s past hits, “Love on the Weekend” takes a dive into his personal life experiences and shows fans his softer side that we are all use too.

“Love on the Weekend” is the perfect mix between pop and soft rock, but ultimately soothes the listeners soul.

The opening lyrics,

It’s a Friday, we finally made it// I can’t believe i get to see your face // You’ve been working and i’ve been waiting// To pick you up and take you from this place // Love on the weekend.

show his typical hopeless romantic, smooth-talking self.

“Love on the Weekend” is the first look into Mayer’s upcoming album. Not much detail has been released, except subtle hints of the album name, The Search For Everything. One thing is for sure, is that the new album will have pop-like vibes, with Mayer’s artistic touch.

Hope you are prepared to listen to the song on repeat, like me.

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