November 22, 2016


With a full release of her single coming tomorrow, Emily Burns put “Take It Or Leave It” on SoundCloud as an advanced release. This is the UK pop singer’s first single since “Plasters, Glitter and Glue” which came out in 2013. Burns has previously recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios with Cave Productions. This opportunity came after attending a master class in 2010. The 21-year-old is originally from Rugby, England, but is now based in London.

The single “Take It Or Leave It” is a pretty standard pop song. It has the classic pop structure, a catchy tune and a strong hook. With repeat listens it becomes more and more stuck in the listener’s head. Burns has a young sounding voice, and clear vocal talent. Her voice is reminiscent of singers like Ariana Grande and Allie X in her texture and range. It is a well-produced song, taking advantage of Burns’ vocal abilities and the catchiness of the song. There is only a little bit of reverb around the bridge, but other than that the production is pretty simple, relying on the song itself. With singles like this and her previous experience at Abbey Road Studios, Burns is on track for stardom.

Listen Here:

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