November 22, 2016


London singer, Kyko gives us a brand new track, “Nature,” with some tropical flavour to brighten up the coming winter. The solo indie project allows the singer to flex his musical abilities and implement his diverse array of influences into his sound. As a bedroom project turned internet favourite, Kyko paints vivid and colourful pictures with his multi-faceted musical talent.

“Nature” reflects on this colourful sound. Before you press play on your iPod, the title “Nature” gives you a good foreshadowing as to what you should expect. Before long, you’re in Kyko’s tropical jungle. The drum beats make you wanna shake a tail, and the vocals are as smooth as the water that “you keep running from.” There’s a perfectly tranquil picture in the instrumentation of the song. But it is quite clear that what Kyko is really talking about is the natural relationships that occur between people. “Everybody’s flirting, but you keep running from the water … but you’re never gonna make it, mother nature,” he sings. It’s a game of tag between two people, and fits well in the song’s wild adventure.

Kyko’s discography includes many more songs that are great, danceable tracks- perfect for a summer day, or to escape the chill of winter.

You can listen to “Nature” here:

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