November 22, 2016


As a tribute to his daughter, Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) released new single “Wednesday Morning” on November 17th. Known to many for his past single “Thrift Shop” released in 2012, “Wednesday Morning” shows a very different side of the Macklemore brand. Ben Haggerty is Macklemore himself, but he is often linked with his Producer Ryan Lewis. Joshua “Budo” Karp, who also has a songwriting credit on the single, produced this particular song. Haggerty himself writes the lyrics. The Seattle native released this song as a reflection on the results of the US election.

The lyrics of this song reach out to modern America as a plea. “Bad taste, bad taste in my mouth,” he recalls his reaction to the election results. He pleads for a society that is accepting, that fights for the rights of all people, a world where his daughter will be safe and can live the way she chooses. Macklemore writes this song as a Father and an American who is clearly confused by the election and the hatred, a man who is concerned for the future of his country. A far cry from the “Thrift Shop” days, this song is a piece of poetry, the reflection of a man at a crossroads. With strong and empowering lyrics, and a simple, repetitive melody, this song is a statement of hope that everything will be alright.

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