November 22, 2016


NU artist, Mirian, brings her soulful pop-R&B sound and her new track, “Fuck this Guy,” to venues across Canada. After the release of her bold, no-holds-back single, Mirian has been busy promoting her new and exciting sound. “Fuck this Guy” has been circulating Toronto airways, and now Mirian has brought her tune live to Global News and CTV.

In these interviews, Mirian gives the juicy details on where the powerful song came from. She explain that the lyrics are based on a true story, and that working with NU’s Tayo Jacob really helped her hone in on the right sound.

Listen to Mirian talk about and play the clean version of “Fuck this Guy” revised as “Forget this Guy,” on the Global News and CTV below:

The singer-songwriter has made a few stops around Canada, playing local jam nights, and busting out the acoustic to show off her own artistry. You can watch her performing a great cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You,” on Current Sessions Production. In this video, Mirian has collaborated with Kintaro Akiyama of Birds of Bellwoods and Chris Campbell from Arctic Tern to create a completely unique take on the pop song.

Check out the video for “Thinking About You” here:

You can expect a music video from the talented singer for “Fuck this Guy,” soon! In the mean time, stream the track on the service provider of your choice.

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