November 22, 2016


Timeflies, a EDM influenced pop duo put out their latest single, “Gravity.” Much like their earlier releases, the track boasts pop melody built around flashy, arena drops and danceable beats.

The duo, consisting of producer Rob Resnick and singer Cal Shapiro, rose to success via internet promotions and music blogs. Known for both their original music, and cover songs, the duo has accumulated a loyal following through the media stunt, “Timeflies Tuesdays.” Most Tuesdays, the group puts something new on their YouTube page. It may be a cover of Justin Bieber, or Bastille. It may be a live performance, or a freestyle. Whatever it may be, through this medium, they are able to share music with their fans on a weekly basis.

But Timeflies isn’t just an internet band. They’ve spent time touring the United States and made a career in recording their own original music. With this new release, “Gravity” shows off their ability to write a catchy pop song. The song may not take too many risks; there is a simple formula, and a very clear message about falling in love- “Is it gravity, or are we falling in love?” However, the song is far from lacklustre. Shapiro’s vocals are liquid smooth. Redneck’s beats are at times heavy, and give the song a bit of edge, but at other times are light-hearted and add a breathlessness to the track.

You can float along with Timeflies yourself. Listen to “Gravity” here:

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