November 24, 2016


Boston-native, Che Ecru unveils new single entitled, “Fall”. The 19-year-old, singer-songwriter is quickly grabbing the attention of many. Ecru, whose vocal cadence is akin to The Weeknd (to be sure, he distinguishes himself from Abel in other regards: production, style)

“Fall – I couldn’t think of a better title.”

Che says it like it is.

‘Maybe i’m a psycho, maybe i’m a loser, maybe I go too hard, […] I can’t even fucking trust, I got no trust. Every time I’m thinking of what you could do. I’m like ‘hm-m-m-m-m, do I need you?’

Falling in and out of love the first time around and the effects it rubs off on your mind. Questioning your sanity and heightened trust issues are just some of the aftermath results he carefully dabbles into.

I chat with Che personally to talk about what his lyrics were all about.

Mehwish: Your song title, what does it mean? Falling in an out of love?

Che: Falling for bad bitches and yeah falling in and out of love too. I tried to go to sleep early to forget about things and in the morning for the first three seconds it’s like a brand new day and I know it but the thought of her still lingers. Sleeping early cause my brain can’t ignore youWhen I wake up girl I’m still looking for you

Mehwish: of course … Why I keep falling for all these bad, bad. Why I keep falling for all these bad, bad.

Che: Well, I was talking about baddies, bad bitches, but also bad omen, bad thoughts. There’s just a lot of different things that were in my head, but it’s whatever you want to read it as.

‘Sleeping early cuz my brain can’t ignore you, when I wake up girl I’m still looking for you.’ […]

‘Fuck going to college yeah that shit was never for me, Drooling on my desk cause, hoe your knowledge fucking bores me.

the starting lyrics take me right back into my own memories of young love coupled with the first fall of college days – high on emotions and oblivious to realities. He explained that he didn’t want to clap his hands because the instructor said so, he felt like a ‘sea otter’, and knew he wasn’t supposed to be there, two weeks in he dropped out and went back to his room to make his music.

As he slowly transitions to talking about things a little more personal, from a kid who had no friends growing up, to suddenly having random people acknowledge him, he struggles with having to take the time to differentiate the real from the fake and actually coping with the sudden changes.

Mehwish: Talk to me about these lyrics:

‘Why my life feel like it’s fake? On the gram they show me love.

But real life is not the same. I got people that I love that I’ll never fuckin’ have.’

It seems like you slowly transition into things a little bit more personal to you.

Che: “I don’t know how to explain this to you in simple words, Mehwish. I didn’t want this song to be like my other songs. I don’t want to come across as a fake R&B artist like things are peachy all the time. This song I just rambled about the things that were going on, I was a little lost and confused. It sounds upbeat but is a little sad but that’s okay, art isn’t always supposed to be good, in fact, define good art. If all you have is a drop of ink and a canvas, I would encourage you to just take that little bit of ink and drop it on the canvas. It’s your art and that’s all that matters. When I dropped music in highschool, my friends never encouraged it or even expressed any appreciation for it, now all of a sudden it’s different, so I actually sit down and be like these people fake and these people real, and I know which ones real and which ones fake . But it’s coping with it that’s a little challenging at times.”

It’s a good thing he isn’t allergic to green lollipop and dropped out of college to focus on his passions because this talented, funny guy has good music in store for us coming year. Stay tuned!

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