November 24, 2016


“Love Alone” is the second single from Wes Period’s upcoming album “Late Bloomer” scheduled to drop on January 5th of the new year. The song was first posted on Period’s Soundcloud page earlier in the week and today the video to accompany it was released.

The video is the first piece of work that will form the series “Thiq Thursdays” that Period is producing with his music collective, “Squad ThiQ”. He described the video to The FADER:

“I just really wanted to expand on the world we started to create with the ‘Champagne Champion’ video last year. It’s part lifestyle and part Late Bloomer fantasy land! I hope people dig it and can see where Squad Thiq is headed with everything. Special thanks to BRZY Productions and CLIFTUN! We’re the new Red and Meth!”

Wes Period is also a member of the California based group “baby.daddi” along with Tommy Genesis and Ye Ali. The group has been endorsed by Vic Mensa, which grew their fan base to new reaches recently. (1)

Aside from his work with baby.daddi, Period has also produced a decent sized body of solo work. His first EP was titled “Photosynthesis” and it was released on September 24, 2015. It was described as being a teaser for his fans who have long waited for his upcoming album “Late Bloomers”. (2) What he is most known for is his single “Champagne Champion”.

Earlier in the month, Wes Period released the first single, “Everything is Trees” from his new album. It’s a super jazzy and mellow track.

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