November 28, 2016


Electronic/Soul duo, Secret Rendezvous just launched the music video for their current new single, “What About Us.”

The Amsterdam based musicians consist of Sietske “Sisi” Morsch and producer/guitarist Remi “Sausbei” Lauw.

A sneak preview of what perhaps their upcoming album, (due to drop early 2017) might sound like, “What About Us” is captivating with a more techno – y beat compared to their previous singles “Better Than She Can” and “Homie. Lover. Friend.”

“What About Us” immediately draws the listener in with a slow, almost hypnotizing beat, leading up to the powerful chorus, both rhyme wise and lyrically.

“What about us?// Thought I was your only

Why’d you leave me lonely // What about us?

Said we’d be forever// I swear I had never thought we’d turn to dust”

Similar to Sisi’s voice, the video is very unique. We’ve known Ninthe for years as a singer and the sister of Dutch R&B crooner Mar (Full Crate & Mar) but she has also developed herself as a talented illustrator by the name Nepanto.

Watch “What About Us” below:

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