November 29, 2016


Nineteen-year-old newcomer Emeryld released a video for her new single “Time Traveler” last week. Previously known as Emily Claire Schlesinger, the Dallas native moved to Los Angeles in 2015 after the success of her debut. Her debut came from being selected by House of Blues Los Angeles out of 5,000 teens. Since then she has been working towards new persona “Emeryld” and collaborating with DJ KoKo. “Time Traveler” is co-written by Emerlyd herself and David Schuler who produced the track.

The alt-pop song has a catchy chorus and theme to it. The video follows an older couple, with the wife in the hospital. The song asks “will you travel through time with me?” The lyrics are fitting for what seem to be the final days of the woman’s life. “Time Traveler” has a recurring EDM-like beat break that seems out of place, but for the most part the song is well produced. Emeryld has a nice voice, and the song is an easy listen.

Watch the video here:

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