November 29, 2016


Known by his stage name Flume, Harley Edward Streten the Australian music producer released his new album “Skin” earlier this year Featuring on the record Beck, Vince Staples, Tove Lo, and more. Complimenting his new record he released the first “Skin Companion EP”. The electro spectacular clocks in at just under the 15 minute mark with four tracks of “music that was written around the same time” as the album. The opening number “TRUST” features Isabella Manfredi on vocals and begins with the slow hush of chiming cool tunes before folding into a excellently produced, repetitious beat. The vocals complement the track so effortlessly it leaves us pondering why the sub-four minute number was not included on the Skin album. “Heater” the standout track has been teased since the Skin LP preview on Soundcloud. Without vocals entirely, “Heater” focuses on high-energy beats and flamboyant rhythm designed to be digested by radio. “v” and “Quirk” offer shimmering moments on the LP, although the spotlight defiantly remains on “Heater” throughout. Flume effortlessly establishes personality beyond his electronic beats and introduced us to the perfect companion to his album. It’s easy to see that this artist truly thrives in his craft and isn’t afraid to push boundaries. It’s a bit puzzling as to why some of the songs on the LP didn’t make the final cut of the “Skin” album.

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