November 30, 2016


Last week, Gerald Earl Gillum, better known as G-Eazy, dropped TWO unforgettable new tracks: “Bone Marrow” and “Still”. The rapper from Oakland, California, had his first major-label album, entitled “These Things Happen”, peak at number three on the US Billboard 200, and now he’s back with a double bang. The song “Bone Marrow”, produced by MD$, combines an extremely fast-paced beat with raw lyrical wordplay where Gerald explains just how bad-to-the-bone he is (get it, bone marrow). It also features another white rapper named Danny Seth who has been bridging the gap from UK to US with numerous other North American features.

“Realest in the room, Been real since the womb, Till I’m in the tomb”

is a small taste of G’s raptastic lyrics.

While the song’s been receiving some hype, G-Eazy does have his critics. Some people say he’s only famous thanks to an amazing label and publicist landing him only the best TV and Radio promotional spots. He’s also been very clear that he’ll do whatever it takes to get famous. A quote from Rolling Stone:

“The thing is, I’ve always wanted to be a star, I’ve always wanted to be an Elvis Presley or a Tupac, like a huge icon,” he explains. “I’ve seen what you can do in this grassroots, do-it-yourself world and I’ve seen how far that can get you. To be iconic you still need the gatekeepers to open the doors.”

Check out this controversial rapper’s latest offering for yourself and give “Bone Marrow” a listen.

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