November 30, 2016


After listening to James Vincent McMorrow’s new single “Get Low” from his album We Move, I am too feeling a little low. It’s slow, soulful and thoughtful. As it carefully walks us through the recent changes in his life, most listeners can relate. Adapting to changes, moving on, and getting over a loved one is especially difficult when you continue to reminisce and let them hold a special place in your heart. The entire song has an enchanting feel; it definitely makes you want to sway with it. The lyrics are deep and the music is magical. Each beat so perfectly in sync with the next.

He starts of the first verse singing to a woman who he used to be in a relationship with.

Heard you’re getting married (Get low)

Everybody say it (Get low)Greatest man alive (Get low)I’ve been told (I could never show, I could never show)

Life has taken them in different directions and the news of her getting married brings out all his emotions. Not afraid of highlighting his insecurities, he start’s the song comparing himself to this new man in her life. Through the song,McMorrow, is admiring her from a distance for all she is in his eyes. He opens about his mental fragilities during the dark period he had to face and is honest about how he still loves this woman despite the different courses that life has taken them through.

“Get Low” is now available on all media platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music and more.

Take a listen to the song here:

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