November 30, 2016


A new video for the first single “On Hold” off of The xx’s upcoming album “I See You” has just been released. The beautiful video evokes feelings of nostalgia as it follows the life of some high school students living in Marfa, Texas. The talented photographer Alasdair McLellan shot the quintessential video for “On Hold”. Along with the video, some more of the work off of the upcoming album was written and recorded while the band was in Marfa so the location holds meaning.

“And every time I let you leave

I always saw you coming back to me

When and where did we go cold?

I thought I had you on hold”

“Today we get to share our new video for ‘On Hold’ with you! The video is directed by the brilliant Alasdair McLellan, whose work we all adore…We have a lot of love and respect for the people of the USA, having played hundreds of shows across the country over the past years. We hope this video reflects just some of the warmth and acceptance we have encountered there.” Said the band in comment to the video release. (1)

The English post indie band is scheduled to drop their full album, “I See You” on January 13th on Young Turks. It will be their first album release since 2012. With anticipation for the upcoming album mounting, the band has started their international tour, playing shows across Europe and South America. Check out the upcoming The xx tour schedule. The video also features appearances by professional skateboarder Blondey McCoy. McCoy and Alasdair McLellan worked together on Palace’s Ultimo 2016 collection.

Recently, the band performed on SNL where they played “On Hold” as well as a new song “I Dare You”. Watch them perform live below:

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