November 30, 2016


If you’ve been following The Lumineers lately, you may have noticed that they have been releasing the most captivating, heart wrenching music videos ever. These videos are stunning all on their own, but the interesting thing here is that the videos for ‘Cleopatra’, ‘Angela’, and ‘Sleep on the Floor’ are all connected. Fans are still unsure as to what the story is exactly, and the band has not disclosed all the details either. After much analysis, I have constructed my own theory.

I believe that the order of these videos are ‘Sleep on the Floor’, ‘Angela’, and ‘Cleopatra’, which is the opposite order in which the videos were released. ‘Sleep on the Floor’ begins with a young woman and man who appear to be at a funeral. The man whispers to the woman, “if we don’t leave now, we may never make it out”. It then shows the woman having an out of body experience and chasing after than man, but it appears that in actuality she stayed behind. The video goes on to show the young couple, who appear to be truly in love, having adventures on a road trip. The end of the video is heartbreaking when it shows the woman waking up all alone on the floor, in the funeral clothes she had on in the beginning of the video. I believe that the video was her imagining what her life would have been like if she had left with the man.

The next video, ‘Angela’, opens with a pregnant woman in her bed. Similar to ‘Sleep on the Floor’, this woman also has an out of body experience. I think that these out of body experiences can potentially symbolize when the characters had to make a crucial decision in their lives. First it shows the woman going back to bed, but then it also shows her getting in the car and leaving. As she is driving, you can notice a tattoo on her arm. It is the exact same tattoo that the woman got in ‘Sleep on the Floor’, which leads me to believe that these two woman are the same person, at different stages of their life. The video then shows the woman at a motel, where she appears to be free and truly happy. It closes with her running into a taxi.

The video for ‘Cleopatra’ opens the same way that ‘Angela’ ends, with the pregnant woman running into a cab. The video follows an older woman who is a taxi driver. I believe that this woman is also the same woman as the one in ‘Sleep on the Floor’ and ‘Angela’. If you pay close attention, all 3 women have a scratch on their cheek. But the video also shows the cab driver driving the couple from the first video and the pregnant woman, so could this possibly be her having flashbacks or her life? The lyrics from ‘Cleopatra’ also help to explain all 3 videos. “I was sad you asked it, as I lay in a black dress/ With my father is a casket, I had no plans”. From this we can infer that in ‘Sleep on the Floor’ it was the young woman’s father’s funeral, and the man had just proposed to her, and she said no. The man fled town after that, and the woman went on to marry another man. “The only gifts from my Lord were a birth and a divorce”. This tells us that in ‘Angela’, she left her husband, because she knew that he was not her true love. The first man was her true love, but it was too late. The video goes on to show the woman driving around with her son, and then dropping him off at his father’s house, which is the exact same house that the woman in ‘Angela’ left. As like the other 2 videos, the woman has an out of body experience. First it shows her going into the house with the man and her son, but in actuality, she gets into her cab, all alone.

The Lumineers told an amazing and beautifully heartbreaking story about love, life and choices, with these videos. I still have so many unanswered questions, and things I want to confirm. I also have a slight suspicion that these songs may connect to their first album as well. In the song ‘Slow it Down’, off their debut album, the lyrics are “Slow it down, Angie come back to bed”. In ‘Angela’, she is getting out of bed and leaving. Could this be purely coincidence? If you haven’t checked out these videos yet, you should. Your mind will be blown.

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