November 24, 2016


East-London based indie band, The Bloom, is back with a new, 5 Song EP. The EP was recorded in frontman Luke Kordyl’s home town of Perth, Western Australia, and encompasses influences from many different musical genres such as rock, pop electro, Americana and even a little punk.

The first single off of the EP, ‘In the Sky’ actually started off as an acoustic track, but slowly morphed into a moody almost electric track, and I’m glad it did because I love everything about it! The track is catchy, smooth and has meaningful lyrics, so it’s basically an indie-lover’s dream. It’s the kind of song you’ll automatically love within the first few seconds of hearing it. Trust me, you’re going to have it on repeat after listening to it. So check it out, because who knows, this band might just be the next big thing.


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