December 1, 2016


I love how far these dudes have come since seeing them perform at Canadian Music Week 2015. From opening up for Joey Bada$$ alongside Jazz Cartier and Kaydee to getting to chat with them after a daytime casual set outside Drake One-Fifty, they proved their talents here in Canada and the waves continue wherever they go.

Now, Irish hip hop group Hare Squead release the sleek and sexy new track, “Herside Story.” It’s a laid back, groovy, danceable song that shows off the group’s wide range of musical influences. Growing up with everything from Kanye West and Kid Cudi to punk rockers, Green Day, Hare Squead know how to push the boundaries of creativity with their own sound.

With past releases like “If I Ask,” and “Long Way to Go,” Hare Squead demonstrates this versatility. There’s elements of the music that are perfectly suited for the club, and grooves that focus more on production and funky rap. The group consists of Tony Konstone, Lilo Blues and Jessy Rose, who all lend their vocals to the music. Together, they fuse R&B melodies and those catchy, quick-paced rap verses. All three young artists have bold personalities that have generated heat in their hometown, Dublin, Ireland. The guys are finding success after opening for Dua Lipa, and now have turned a few more heads with “Herside Story.”

You can watch the boys dance to their new track in the video for “Herside Story.” Hanging out together in a sort of overgrown garden, the singers groove to the slick rhythm of the song, and serenade their ladies with romantic lyrics. Don’t forget to keep up with their dance moves along the way, have a good time to this one just how these boys do on all their records!

Watch “Herside Story,” here:

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