December 2, 2016


Just weeks after releasing their new single, Stereo, Courage My Love is back with a new song called “Animal Heart” from their upcoming album, Synesthesia. Continuing to weave synths into their music, “Animal Heart” is more of a mix between their old rock sound and this new sound. I was lucky enough to hear this track live last week at their show during the Grey Cup Festival, and thought it was in the same vein as now defunct VersaEmerge though only in subtle moments. They played several new songs from their upcoming record including: “Love Hurts”, “Drowning”, and “The Year I Disappeared.”

Courage My Love has their own unique twist with twin harmonies and well-constructed instrumentals and lyrics thanks to Mercedes, Phoenix, and Brandon; in an interview with Nick Krewen, Phoenix suggests: “Cedes and I write the majority of the songs,”[…]” But it’s really important to have someone else help give it a sound and arrange it. That’s where Brandon comes in: when we jam it together, he’s really creative with parts.” The band is headed a different direction with this album, less “female-fronted rock band” and more showing just how talented and creative they truly are as songwriters.

Synesthesia is defined as the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body. This is definitely something music can do to you with the combination of senses it incorporates; a well thought out title for this collection of music. Synesthesia will be released February 4th, 2017 and consists of 14 tracks produced by David Bendeth who’s worked with Paramore, and Chris Perry. This serves as their debut album for Warner Music Canada and InVogue Records for the US (though their Becoming EP had a re-issue in the states as more of a full album). Until the release next year, we have a few songs to tide us over, and here’s hoping for a music video for Stereo.

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