December 5, 2016


“Moving Mountains” is the second single from ANIMA!’s upcoming EP “Art: Work” scheduled to drop sometime in the new year. The group is composed of producer Vicente Espi from Cape Town, South Africa and singer-songwriter Arielle Vakni who is from California. The electronic duo from opposite ends of the globe, come together as “AMINA!” to create songs recognizable for having rich and powerful vocals alongside hypnotic and intoxicating beats.

“Everyday a mountain we will move but tell me what is it for?”

Vicente explains “[Moving Mountains] is a simple song to give us a break from running on our treadmill and time to look up at where we are running to, or even if we are moving at all!”

“Losing all the love between the lines dividing rich and the poor

Are we working to live, are we living to work more?”

AMINA! was formed in Boston when Vicente and Arielle met while living on the same block. Since then, the duo has set out to create music with a positive message and with a unique love for the unconventional. The band’s name “anima” means “the breath of life in each of us”. (1)

Their first self-titled LP “AMINA!” dropped on January 12, 2016 and it went on to be a part of the top 10 iTunes Alternative charts in The United States of America, France, Spain, Mexico, and Sweden. Since the release of the LP, “AMINA!” the band has grown in recognition and popularity from indie fans across the world. (2)

On July 25th, they dropped their single “The Seed” and now “Moving Mountains”, both rumoured to be pieces of the puzzle of their anticipated EP “Art:Work”.

“Arielle and I feel the restlessness to discover and push our art. To talk about subjects less common, to pair sounds in unusual ways, guided from our hearts. This is why we decided to create a body of work dedicated to the creative process.” Said Vicente Espi on their Bandcamp page.

Listen to their song “The Seed” below:

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