December 5, 2016


Hailing from Iceland, Audur is a unique 23 year old who made the shift from Icelandic hard core to electronic music after watching James Blake perform at Sonar 2013. His highly anticipated debut album Alone has no official release date but Audur has released three tracks from the upcoming album teasing us with his smooth resonating, voice and accompanying beats.

The video for his newest single “Both Eyes on You” was released yesterday and, stylistically, it’s absolutely stunning. It combines the mellow, melodically muffled guitar, that effectively bookends the tune, and Audur’s crisp voice which cuts through the mulled effect creating this pleasant dissonance.

The video appears sexually charged as there are various couples making out throughout the tune but they retain this consistent fluidity that is reflected in the lines and edges of their bodies. The dark, red and blue tinted environment sets the stage for a creepy and mysterious aesthetic presents itself right in the opening shot as the camera pulls back from man staring directly at the camera in his car. There are diverging story lines present between characters but with only a small taste to go off it’s nowhere near enough to get attached but certainly enough to encourage intrigue.

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