December 7, 2016


It’s been a long time coming, but for a new single, ‘No Love’ seems to be a satisfying masterpiece, fully laced with pure emotion. From the UK, Lyves is a fresh female artist hailing from London, and is also known as Francesca Bergami. The passion in her voice channels first-hand experiential heartache, standing as an effortless reflection of the title itself. The meaning behind each lyric is well-translated even through each beat, and as it stands, it reveals a raw component of honesty in the most unapologetic form of expression.

As a fairly new artist to the industry, ‘No Love’ evidently serves as a perfect foundation for Lyves’ future endeavours and personal growth as an artist with such a riveting sound. The wave of of instrumentals in this track is accompanied by soulful transitions and falsetto’s that will hit you with a gentle appreciation for the depths which music can take you – I can almost perfectly visualize a choreographed dance routine to this track, one with an impactful story-line, and synonymous movements that perfectly embodies the smooth, sensual vibes typical of Lyves’ sound from ’The Darkest Hour,’ ‘Body Close’, ‘Shelter’ and ‘Visions,’ which can all be heard on her SoundCloud.

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