December 8, 2016


London based band, RIVRS released a music video for their song Trouble a few weeks ago. The song itself is about knowing someone is bad for you but turning a blind eye. The song is composed of minimal chill elements, drums and a baseline with a breakdown after the chorus: “you’re giving me that trouble / take over me / that trouble / you’re so wrong for me / but I won’t believe it.” Charlotte’s vocals are reminiscent of Rita Ora at times, though perhaps that’s due to the English accent, yet they are still powerful and strong.

The video shows Charlotte singing in the dark outside then cuts in an out of her with two other people. She leaves her boyfriend to go hang with presumably her best friend. We then get a glimpse of the three of them at a dinner, where Charlotte’s BFF gives dirty looks after the two lovers show affection, definitely due to their secret relationship. After, the two girls leave the group of friends and her boyfriend, they’re seen kissing with the boyfriend finding them – this turns into a heated argument but bizarrely ends with the other girl kissing the boyfriend. So, who is really the trouble here?

Trouble comes from the duo’s new project to be released in the new year via Atlantic/Warner Music. RIVRS consists of Charlotte Mallory and Fin Munro; check out their debut EP is entitled “Falling”.

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