December 8, 2016


The always introspective, alt-county singer-songwriter, Ryan Adams gives us a taste of what to expect from his up-and-coming, 2017 album Prisoner. The release follows his experimental cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989, and includes completely original material. Known for his expansive discography, and dynamic musical styles, “Do You Still Love Me?” hints at a large shift from his last project.

After his divorce from actress/singer Mandy Moore, Adams found himself in an emotional state of grief. While he had channeled much of his heartbreak into his version of 1989, the musician also wrote about 80 original tracks, some of which would become the new LP. In the process, he tapped into some much needed self-reflection, along with some of his old rock ’n’ roll influences.

Adams states that artists like AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen and Electric Light Orchestra were among his list of inspiration for the new material. It was a way to channel the teenage version of himself- one that thrived on raw guitar sounds and a punk rock ethos. On “Do You Still Love Me?” we can hear the hard-rock side of the musician, as well as his still-present heartbreak from the end of his marriage.

The new song is an alt-rock anthem that proves the 1980’s can co-exist in the millennial age. “Do You Still Love Me?” boasts arena-rock drums, a steady organ riff, and a heavy, distorted guitar. Adams shows off his wounds, and asks his lost ex-lover whether or not she still cares for him. It’s clear that he does.

Listen to “Do You Still Love Me?” here:

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