December 9, 2016


Jaye Adams, better known as “Jazz Cartier”, is climbing to the top of the hip-hop world with his newest single “Pree”. The rapper from Toronto, Canada has made a name for himself over the last few years as he continues to successfully make moody and dark hip-hop tracks.

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“Pree” was posted to Cartier’s Soundcloud page on December 8th. He explained to Complex the inspiration behind the track; “Pree means to watch somebody and what they’re doing, more times in an envious way… Started in Jamaica and we use it a lot in Toronto. This is just a vibe I’ve been on.”Lantz, who is known for making “cinematic trap” music, produced the song along will the majority of Cartier’s previous work. He also just so happens to be another Torontonian like Cartier himself.

Since the release of his second album, “Hotel Paranoia” on February 3rd, 2016, Cartier has released two singles; “Ring” featuring Ye Ali and “Waste” preceding this newest track. This year, he also toured with Post Malone on his “Hollywood Dreams” tour. (1)

In the duration of his career, Jazz Cartier has now been a longlisted nominee for the Polaris Music Prize twice. With an attitude from Cartier geared towards “bigger moves and more energy” in 2017, it will hopefully be the year where he takes things to the next level. (2)

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