December 12, 2016



Wild Rivers originally started out as a duo, featuring co-singer-songwriters Khalid Yassein and Devan Glover. However, the talented twosome recently moved to Toronto, from Kingston, Ontario, where they added two more musicians to the ensemble. Wild Rivers now also features Ben Labenski on drums and Andrew Oliver on bass. After they became a foursome, the band gained some serious recognition for the amazing work they did on their first-ever, self-titled EP.

The song “Already Gone” grabbed my attention the most. It is a beautiful twist on the classic male/female folk duo. It features classic acoustic guitar, mesmerizing lyrics, a soft drum and background tambourine. Wild Rivers has such a unique sound that I couldn’t help but ask them who their main inspiration was. The band replied: “Collectively our main musical inspiration would be Neil Young.”

This indie folk quartet recently finished up their tour in their stomping grounds at Adelaide Hall, right here in Toronto. I asked the band where their dream performance would be and all four replied with “Massey Hall,” the legendary Toronto venue. Based on “Already Gone”, I have no doubt that they’ll make it to Massey, I just hope I can be in the crowd!

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